A Whole New Way to Quit!

A game that pays you to stop smoking? Yes!

We are seeking adults who smoke cigarettes daily and have an Apple iPhone to participate in a research study.  We’ll ask you to play a QuitBet game that lasts 28 days and complete two online surveys and one telephone interview.  Participants will receive a breath testing device at no charge and will receive non-cash prizes for completing the surveys and interview. If you are interested, click the link below to find out if you are eligible.

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1. Join the game!

Bet on yourself.

All quitters split the pot!

How QuitBet Works

We supply the testing device (free!)

2.  Do daily breath tests

3. Split the Pot!

Contact Information

The QuitBet team can be reached by emailing quitbet@waybetter.com or calling xxx-xxx-xxxx.